Living the dream

We’re doing it. Our Spanish dream has come true.


Happy Days in May

Saturday was spent at a regimental bbq for the families on camp. There was so much fun for the minis and of course great food and company. Everyone came home tired and happy, despite the rain showers! On Sunday we decided we’d rather not become drowned rats so abandoned plans for a trip into town. […]

Happy Days in May; Monday 20th

So, a month before showing good soldiers the door, they start the advertising campaign for 10,000 new recruits…oh and the ‘reserves’ are under numbers aswell. Despite the fact that civvy employers are being offered financial incentives to hold open jobs whilst they go on tour. Shame a redundant squaddie couldn’t have the job!   Now although […]

Happy Days in May

Friday  17th May; Today is Jordan Knight’s birthday, he’s just so pretty, how could looking at him not make me happy? 😉   Saturday 18th May; Today is the first day of the NKOTB cruise and I am not on it…to top that off it’s raining! But… we’ve had a lovely, lazy family day doing […]