Living the dream

We’re doing it. Our Spanish dream has come true.


The washing line is raised, we are in residence.

The last few months have been absolutely chaotic in the Dandelion patch! Moving twice in three months has exhausted us physically, mentally and emotionally. But, we’re finally more or less settled in our last stop before Spain and doing our own heads in trying to make sure at least one of us has a wage […]

All change…again

February 9th; a quick update… The hubster has now received an extension of service, our new discharge date is 21st September (and breathe…)  and we WILL be leaving Germany and moving back to the UK via the army. We’re aiming to be back there by the end of March if everything falls into place with […]


Well, since my last update on our situation we have received the date! Drumroll….as of 21st March 2014 we will officially be civvies. In a nutshell… Everything has changed once again. We now will not be moved back to the UK as there isn’t enough time to allocate us a married quarter over there. If […]

Stay of execution…

It’s update time again… The Hubster recently returned from yet another three week course of re-hab for a back injury he sustained in Afghanistan almost two years ago. Medical discharge and an uncertain future have been hanging over us for a considerable amount of time now. Not an ideal situation with three children to think […]

Tick Tock…

So here we are again at the beginning of another three week wait to (hopefully this time) discover what our future holds…only this time we already know that the discharge process has begun. Sometime this year, unless Headley Court turn up a miracle, we will be hitting civvi street! The hubster’s injury cannot be fixed, so he […]

Army adventures or Spanish Dream?

I wasn’t intending on writing anything today and I still don’t know if I’ll post this or not. I have such mixed feelings about everything that’s going on in our lives that I am driving myself crazy thinking about it and need to get it out somehow. So I’m writing! The Hubster just left to catch his […]

It’s crunch time!

I haven’t written in any detail about this before today as it’s such a big issue in our lives right now. But lately I have felt ready to put it out there, so here goes… Whilst on tour in Afghanistan my husband sustained an injury to his spine that has basically left him in constant pain and his career on the […]