So far so good!

I know, I know, I have been away from the blog and really not been updating about our move at all. The truth is, it’s been hectic!

Life has basically involved settling into a routine that fits around the Dandelion’s new school hours. The whole siesta and two hour lunch break thing and the school day not finishing until 4.30pm has taken some getting used to.

The Dandelions have now been in school for about a month and although it hasn’t all been plain sailing for them, Zoom in particular, they all seem happy. Making friends wasn’t an issue for any of them and with it being a tiny school (only 40 pupils) they haven’t been lost in the system (which was a concern for me) and have all begun to pick up both the Spanish and Valencian languages.

Hubs and I have been busy unpacking and making our own mark on the house, lots of ideas and plans for the garden in particular. And the pool is up and running!

The SFD has taken to Spanish life well and is loving the warmer weather on his old bones. He is very suited to the more relaxed Spanish life.

The fact is, so much has happened in the last few weeks that it would be impossible (not to mention long winded) to document it all here. What I will say is so far so good!

And, thanks to my new found smart phone status (the hubster dragged me into this century where mobile phones are concerned) I have an instagram account on which you can see a sort of diary of how the last few weeks have been for us. So here’s the linkage if you’re interested; Dandelions on Instagram




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