So many questions.

Since we set a date to make our move to Spain I have been inundated with questions about the whole process, mainly regarding the Dandelions and how they are coping with the idea. It seems folks just can’t seem to grasp that the Dandelions are as excited about this as we are. It doesn’t make sense to people that the children would be happy with moving to another country.

Of course, we have to first bear in mind that our children were born into the forces world and although they may no longer be part of that world, some things have stuck with them. One of the main things being the ability to adapt to and embrace change, to see every new situation as an adventure. They have moved several times in their short lives and each time they have moved into the new life with something that forces children carry in abundance- flexibility.

I’m not for a minute suggesting that it isn’t difficult for them, I would be a pretty clueless Mum if I thought it didn’t affect them at all. And yes, we do second guess ourselves and whether we are doing the right thing for them. Yet, as soon as we see their faces light up when they are talking about the move, everything falls into place.

I suppose the most important thing that has kept them on board throughout this whole process is that they have been involved from the very beginning. All discussion, planning, five years worth of house hunting, endless hours driving around all the different villages to see what facilities they have, boring paper work meetings where they have waited (not always) patiently for hours etc have been done as a family. They have witnessed and had their say in even the minutest of details. We have listened to them and taken their opinions into consideration at every turn.

Nothing has been sugar coated, we have been up front and honest with them every step of the way. We sat them down and explained to them that school is going to be a lot of hard work for a while, but that we will be there to help them through it. We have told them about the things we will be able to do for them in Spain that we can’t afford to do here- things such as horse riding lessons and summer sports camps that cost the Earth in this country. They have spent time in the area we are moving to and already have friends there.

So yes, they are obviously going to miss their friends and family and it’s not going to be all plain sailing. We are in for some tough times ahead, but we will take the rough with the smooth. We have made this decision as a family and we are all confident that it is the right decision for us.


2 thoughts on “So many questions.

  1. We moved a ton with the military life also and I truly believe it has made our kids stronger, more adaptable and they have learned to rely on each other more. It is definitely not the life for everyone but it has allowed them to prepare for the world, see different things and grow up more prepared. We have a soon to be senior and she is excited for what the future holds for her.


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