Dream a little dream

Yesterday I somehow managed to develop the neck injury from hell. No idea how I did it, but I did it. Virtually no movement and an awful lot of pain. Parents out there will know only too well the struggle of dealing with the little monsters when you are not 100% yourself, add to that the fact that hubs is away this week and a poorly Tinks and well, you get the picture- it was a pretty terrible day.

It got to around 8pm, the Dandelions were all asleep and while texting hubs he suggested trying one of his painkillers. I did. Now, let me make it clear that I am in no way advocating taking another person’s medication so no jumping on that as an excuse for some Mummy bashing. What can I say, I was desperate!

The result was this message to hubs this morning about the wierd ass dream I had…

“So, last night you brought home some tart that you were sleeping with and announced that she would be coming over whenever you wanted her to and that I should allow this to keep happening because I wasn’t giving you what you need in bed. I kicked her out and told you to go too. She left alone.

You then started rummaging around outside in a hole you had dug in the wall. I asked what the hell you were doing and you told me you were preparing for war. You spent the rest of the time wearing only a gas mask!

There was also some random bloke in the house that I am not sure I’ve ever met, but he was there like he belonged, just wandering around. The kids weren’t scared of him so I ignored him.

Unless I have suddenly gained the power to see into the future (in which case for your own safety, you should probably stay in Wales forever, because NO!) I don’t think I will be taking your pills again!

P.S I can move my neck ever so slightly this morning.”

His response?

“And you only had 10mg I take more than twice that!!”

And now I know why my husband has been walking around in cloud cuckoo land for the last five years!



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