So that’s why they do it.

It seems there are some major advantages to being married to a soldier who “conveniently” disappears on some mission of significant importance and highly secret army mumbo jumbo a matter of weeks before your next move. Leaving you to juggle work, kids, pack, book removals, pre march out, chase housing for an address and all those other nonsensical little jobs that need doing, simply because it’s the way the army do it, that get dumped on you in the process of a posting.

I’m going to let all my friends who are still married to the army into a little secret. They take our husband’s away before a move to save our marriages! No, seriously.

This morning the hubster announces that he is going to “Sort out my clothes and clear out the bedroom ready for moving.”

Up he goes. Only to send Tinks downstairs not 15 minutes into the mission with the message “Dad needs you!”

Up I go. “I’m finished!” he announces proudly.

This is what greets me…


Let me be clear (pay attention when you read this hubs), I am not suggesting that my wonderful hubster is doing nothing to assist towards this move. I am merely pointing out that when he helps he does so in the army way. Which 99% of the time involves making a mess first!

So ladies, next time he receives a posting and it’s time to start packing, don’t stress and moan that he is being sent away just weeks before the move and you have to do it all alone. You need this to happen for the sake of your marriage and your sanity. The army is doing you a favour. The last thing you need is that soldier anywhere near the house while you are packing!





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