Birthday Musings.



I turned 40 today. I know, on Valentines Day. Don’t even get me started on how utterly, mind numbingly boring it is to have a birthday on Valentines day. Nobody can ever go out or come to a party because they are all off doing their own lovey dovey mush with their other halves. I have never even had a birthday party!

(Insert temper tantrum here)

I digress (probably my age), let me start again.

I turned 40 today. I have never really felt worthy of the title “woman” but I suppose being 40 makes it official. I just don’t feel like a real life, grown up woman. As a moody teen I would look at my Mum and see a woman. She just looked the part, y’know?


I always thought that when my time came I would look and feel it too. Like some kind of coming of age rite that gets passed down when you reach a certain stage in life. I mean, I possess all the things that, on paper, make me a grown up- husband, three kids, house, bills, job. But the feeling that I always imagined went with being a woman is most definitely not present.

Me? I am still that moody teenager with big ideas and no clue!



By the way…





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