Odd socks and a Scottish Snowman!

Despite putting up numerous decorations yesterday (in between a Toy Story fest with a questionably poorly Tinks) we never did get as far as the tree. I know, it’s the most important part and all that, but I like my tree to be touched by me alone, no little fingers involved. I do realise in many people’s eyes this makes me an abhorrently cruel Mother, my apologies, but I just cannot muster the mental strength it would take to allow the Dandelions to decorate MY tree- MINE I tell you!

So having left the tree corner bare (totally un-planned, obviously), last night Jingle and Jinx took matters into their own hands. They avoided the carnage that would have meant getting up in the loft to dig out our old tree. Instead they brought us a beautiful new one all the way from the North Pole, after their evening report back to “The Bearded One”. Funnily enough, I have always wanted a white Christmas tree- I wonder how they knew?

Their decorating skills however, leave a lot to be desired…

**Disclaimer** All underwear was freshly laundered, no noses came into contact with said underwear and both elves made it out alive.

It seems, however, that our little people were not entirely satisfied with last nights antics and I returned from the school run (looking rather worse for wear as the wind did it’s best to superglue my hair to my lip gloss) to find this…

I’m not entirely certain how we ended up with a Scottish snowman in the living room. I am at least, grateful that he isn’t wearing a kilt- that could have been complicated!

And now I am off to stock up on wine because this evening will be filled with scenes not unlike this;


as I painstakingly place every single bow and bauble in the perfect position, in order to gain the maximum level of “ooh” and “ahh” ratings when visitors flock throughout the festive season to gaze upon my work of art.



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