A plan, of sorts…

I am so happy to finally be sitting down to write a post. It has been so long and I know I have been really bad at keeping this thing up to date since we got back to the UK. Things have begun to happen more slowly since we came back and it just made sense to wait until there was a decent amount to write about.

Anyway, I hope everyone has enjoyed their Easter and that you have all eaten your body weight in chocolate and bought power tools you don’t need from the various DIY outlets. I still haven’t quite grasped that there are shops open on a Sunday, Germany left it ingrained into our heads that Sunday is not for shopping and I think that is something we will continue to carry with us.

So, the news… The hubster’s treatment has pretty much had to begin again, his scans are out of date and new ones need to be done. And now that we no longer have Headley Court to push things along it’s all taking that little bit longer. The good news is that he will finally be receiving the farcet joint injection that he has been waiting for since the beginning of 2013! It’s going to take a while before the appointment comes through, in true NHS style. Not that I am putting down our health service, absolutely not, it’s just a big change to go from things being done quickly to having to now wait months for appointments  to come through.  Especially since in the meantime the Hubster continues to suffer with incredible pain and is finding day to day life difficult. I  can’t say it’s been easy,  we have had some pretty low times over the last year since arriving back in the UK and sometimes the people you expect to at least try to understand are the ones who really don’t.

We have found that it has been difficult for some family members to grasp the implications of the Hubster’s injury and the impact it has on our lives. They don’t understand that he simply cannot do as much as he was once able and I have found myself biting my tongue on several occasions.

Workwise, the business that he and his friend set up has begun to take off and things are coming together for them, slowly but surely. And I am enjoying being back in the early years environment.

As for Spain (another sore point with some family members) we had originally planned to make the move at the beginning of this summer, but with the snail pace at which things are moving, we have had to put that off for a year. So the plan is now that we will move next June so that the children have the summer to settle and we can get them into a summer school programme to help them make friends and assist their language  skills, before starting school in September. While we aren’t exactly happy to put things off this way, it is the best move we can make since this way Hubs is going to get the treatment he needs before the big move.

In other news and to cut a long story short, my brother and I inherited our Grandparent’s house at the end of last year and after the emotion and hard work of clearing it out (my Nana was a hoarder to say the least) it has been sold. Leaving not only us, but my little bruv, his fiance and their baby bump in a pretty nice position. The main thing for us is that this now means we will be able to buy a house outright  once we move to Spain, a huge weight off our minds.

And I am writing! This is something that I am very excited about. Writing has always been my first love and my dream has been to do it for a living. Well I decided that it was time to get things moving, so the book status is now updated to “a work in progress ” and I am loving every second of it!

The Dandelions continue to thrive and I think that brings us up to date.

 So in the

words of Forrest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that!”


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