It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

We have arrived at the last day of term. And after spending last night sobbing like a baby in a corner of the school hall as Miss Tinks played Mary in her very first school nativity (believe me, I was a wreck!), we awoke this morning to find there had been a visit from Jack Frost in the night (cue many questions about Jack Frost and how he leaves the frost, why he leaves the frost, who leaves the rain/sun/snow etc. Ever wish you’d never said anything?). One thing we all agreed on however, was that it is most definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Dec 2014 017

And these from my morning walk in the orchards with the hound.

Dec 2014 018 Dec 2014 020

I don’t know about you, but I like to turn the entire month into a sort of celebration, the anticipation and build up is almost better than the actual day for me. My parents did so much to make Christmas magical for my brother and I, so I intend to do the same for my children. The hubster takes a bit of convincing with the whole thing. If it were up to him it wouldn’t even be mentioned until Christmas Eve. He does get involved eventually, with the odd “Bah humbug!” thrown in here and there for good measure- just to remind us that he couldn’t possibly be enjoying it. Although, to be fair, once he is in the spirit he does pull out all the stops to keep them magic alive…


I have been getting the decorations out bit by bit throughout the month when the Dandelions are at school. I’m reminding them daily that we have an invisible elf watching over them, ready to report back to Santa and put them on the naughty or nice list. We’ve done the invisible elf for a few years now, never quite been organised enough to do the elf on the shelf thing- it looks like fun though, so maybe next year.

We are attempting to do at least one Christmas activity a day throughout the month. We’ve had letters to Santa, writing their Christmas cards, the village church Christmas market, Christmas light spotting, carol singing with their school friends, making bunting and lighting our advent candle daily…

001 002

We’ve made some cinnamon dough decorations for our tree and to give to Grandparents. They’re ready to go in the oven and dry out, then it will be time to go mad with the glitter and sparkle!


I’ve also had some fun putting together a few Christmas craft projects. Christmas pot pourri and cinnamon candles being just a couple. I love how the candle looks in the centre of the pot pourri and it smells wonderful!
Dec 2014 002 Dec 2014 003

And of course there is the great tree decorating ceremony!


The Dandelions will be finishing school in an hour and I have a Christmas movie night planned with snowman soup, popcorn and The Grinch. And I have just had the phonecall I have been waiting for…the hubster is “driving home for Christmas” as I type. Let the merriment commence!

Merry Christmas from The Dandelion Patch!


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