A word from “The Hubster”

Sunday 21st September 2014- the day my husband is medically discharged from the army. We will no longer be a forces family. I could fill this post with a lot of emotionally charged drivel about how it’s hard and unfair, but I won’t. Because nothing I feel can ever compare to what he feels. Instead, here are a few words from him:

“On the 6th Oct 1998 I joined the greatest club that you could ever imagine. I had my arse beasted from being a little shit to a bloke. I then joined the best Battalion in the British Army (1st Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment). In this time I made some true friends and had the best time of my life (Londonderry 99-01). I had the privilege of serving under and with some absolutely first class blokes. I ended up as a REMF in 2008 with the RLC until injury on H14. During this time again I met and made some absolutely brilliant friends. Unfortunately in 24 hrs time I will no longer be a Soldier in the greatest Army you can find. I borrowed my kit for 22 years but have to hand it back a bit earlier than I wanted. Ladies and Gents its been an absolute pleasure thank you.”

Nothing can take away what he has done for his country and for that I will forever be a proud army wife! All it leaves is for me to end this in true army style by saying the words;


A song for veterans.


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