With the redundancies in the armed forces and the removal of the troops from Germany, being part of the forces community has meant saying goodbye to several regiments over recent years. Yesterday saw the disbandment of the regiment the hubster was serving with in Germany. Sadly, this has become a regular occurrence within the military in recent years.

The disbandment of this particular regiment though, has struck a chord of sadness in me that I wasn’t expecting. We spent almost six years with them and would have been there until the end if we could have been. It was a huge part of our forces life, with memories both good and bad and so many good friends. Ā I only wish we could have been there to say our goodbyes with everyone else.

But in this life, it is never really goodbye, only “See you later!” as we all inevitably meet again when we least expect it. That opportunity no longer exists for us as we come to the end of our forces life, but we will be staying in touch with many of our forces friends regardless.

So, with a somewhat heavy heart, I want to wish all of our friends over there, past and present all the luck in the world for their new adventures. Whether staying in Germany or returning to the UK, may you all have happy postings and find friends as wonderful as you!






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