The washing line is raised, we are in residence.

The last few months have been absolutely chaotic in the Dandelion patch! Moving twice in three months has exhausted us physically, mentally and emotionally. But, we’re finally more or less settled in our last stop before Spain and doing our own heads in trying to make sure at least one of us has a wage coming in before September and that dreaded discharge date.

At the same time as planning our immediate future, we continue to make plans for our escape to Espana! If the weeks since returning from Germany in March have confirmed one thing for us, it’s that we want to get there as soon as possible. Our realistic plan is three years at the most, but we intend to do whatever we can to make it happen sooner. All dependent on the army and how fast things move after the Hubster’s discharge with all the red tape that follows. They don’t make it easy to get away, even after he is out, they will still be in control of our lives for a little bit longer!

In all honesty, if we had to end up somewhere in the UK, I’m glad it was here. The village is beautifully rural, the Dandelions are loving school and being close to their Grandad and the view from our bedroom may not be orange groves and ocean but it’s not a bad second.


And the countless acres of orchards that our garden backs onto is pretty okay to look at too.



That niggle is in the back of our minds constantly however, if we don’t make that jump soon, we will end up stuck here (I don’t want to sound “anti-England” it’s just not where we want to be). Dinoboy will be 9 this year and he is our main concern, we simply must get him enveloped in all things Spain before he reaches an age where he may struggle with the move and the language. We are very lucky in that all three Dandelions are very keen to get there too. They have spent enough time there to make that decision for themselves, they love life there as much as the Hubster and I do.

For now though, no matter how much we deny or dislike it, September 21st will be upon us before we know it, so we must concentrate on making this tiny village in Cambridgeshire our temporary home. So, to confirm we are in residence, and for everyone who knows about and appreciates my love of having a piece of line stretched from one side of the garden to the other; here is the obligatory washing line shot. We have arrived!




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