Bye bye Magnolia Years!

It’s been a while since I have had chance to sit down and write. Our time here at Cottesmore has been hectic to say the least. Life has been on high speed since we came back from Germany.

First, I got my washing line!



Then within a few weeks of arriving here we were offered a house in Cambridgeshire with a housing association, in the same village that the Hubster’s dad lives in. We accepted after viewing, and finally tomorrow, we move into our first non military home. The feeling of anticipation, excitement and outright fear is over whelming! We are another stepping stone closer to September and that final day as a forces family, it’s enough to make me want to chew my nails down to my knuckles and hit the bottle in a big way!

Having spent the last few weeks going back and forth, decorating and trying to sort out carpets and fencing for the enormous garden, we are finally on the eve before moving. We are no longer restricted to how we decorate our home. We can paint, wallpaper, put up shelves and hang pictures to our heart’s content. The time has arrived…

…the Magnolia Years are well and truly over!




Introducing our blank canvas…

May 2014 121

May 2014 141

May 2014 123


And the field at the back…

May 2014 139



Yes, that little blue dot you can just about make out is the hubster and the garden really does stretch as far as you can see…

May 2014 133



And I also have this beautiful 1970’s style kitchen to deal with. Now I love the vintage look, but this is a bit much!

May 2014 127



My head is in turmoil, not just with the amount of work we have to do on the place, but with the huge change to our lives too. So I can only imagine what is going through the Dandelion’s heads facing their third home in three months! Dinoboy is my main concern, Tinks and Zoom haven’t been able to go to pre school here as we couldn’t get places for them. Dinoboy, however, has settled in and made lots of friends. He now has to go through the whole thing again. They seem absolutely fine on the outside and seem more excited than anything. I know children are very resilient and all the other well meaning things people say. But, as an adult who moved around a lot as a child, I know those feelings of nervousness are there, they may be buried deep, but they are there. I suppose I just have to trust that if they need any reassurance they will come to us. They are after all, Dandelions, they were made for this life!




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