Auf wiedersehen Deutschland!


I have been asked would I change that we came to Germany if I could, because if we hadn’t come here the hubster would not have been injured. Maybe not, but he would still have gone to Afghanistan at some point and things may have been much worse. Who knows? And really, what is the point in thinking of it in that respect? It can never be changed. We have had a fantastic life in Germany and will truly miss this beautiful country and all it has taught us.

On 12th October 2008 with our trusty SFD and DinoBoy about to turn 3, we arrived in the country that was to become home. Since we met, the hubster and I had always hoped for an overseas posting and our wish had been granted. We both knew that this would be the start of a completely new life for us. One that was much richer in so many ways than the one we’d left behind and one that we welcomed with open arms.

It may have been October but it was still a warm and muggy evening when we arrived at the hotel we were to stay at before marching into our new married quarter a few days later. We wandered around Gutersloh taking in our new surroundings and sampled our first “gyros” (a type of kebab that blows away the sad old donner meat you get in England) and walked the SFD through the nearby park. I think it was the first time we had felt truly happy in our surroundings in such a long time and we knew that Germany was going to be good for us. We shared a feeling of optimism and anticipation.

In January of 2009 I fell pregnant with Miss Tinks and when she was 5 months old we had our happy little accident and found out I was pregnant with Zoom.

We arrived in Germany as three (and the SFD)…


…and we leave almost six years later as five (and the SFD -older, but still our faithful friend).


And were not wrong, Germany has been absolutely wonderful to us. We have made lifelong friends and life affirming decisions. The Dandelions have had an idyllic start in life thanks to this country, one that we could not have given them in England.

dandelions and sfd

And as we cross the bridge that takes us a step closer to the end of the forces chapter of our lives, we will carry with us the lessons Germany has taught us and cherish the memories forever.

troll bridge



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