The Escape

Solitude. Peace, quiet, calm. Time to let her thoughts wander, take her to far off places and allow her to escape for a while. Just a little while, just a short time. A few hours, maybe even a day away from it all. Some time for herself to do whatever she pleased, when it wouldn’t matter if she chose to do nothing at all for an entire day. That one day to re-group maybe even sleep, and then she would be happy to get back into the swing of life. Her non-stop, hectic life where she was surrounded by people constantly demanding her attention whether in person, online or on the phone from the second she woke up to the moment she fell, drained, into bed at night. She had craved that break in routine, that chance to be alone for as long as she could remember. But not this, never this!

She had known what he was the moment she had set eyes on him. With his luminescent skin and hypnotic eyes. Of course she had known, she’d read the books almost obsessively as a teenager, seen the films. Mesmerizingly beautiful, blood thirsty immortals existing just on the brink of the mortal world. Close enough to be noticed, but never close enough to be understood. She had denied it to herself, thinking he probably had some deep rooted fascination with horror stories and had invented a new persona for himself. She had envied him in that respect, how she wished she could be someone else for a while, completely change who she was and have a totally different life. She had pushed it to the back of her mind when they were together. How could he be? They were fictional monsters, not real life. He had charmed her and made her feel wanted, needed. But she had known all the same what he was, what he had to be, deep down somewhere inside her she had known. She had still let him in though, allowed him to become her friend, her confidant. And in return he had done this to her. She had not asked for this, she was certain of it, never gave him any reason to think this was what she wanted…………….had she?

In the darkness she slowly stretched out her hands to feel what was around her. Instinctively she knew where she was and what she had to do and surprisingly, she felt no fear. She should be terrified right now. Any normal person would be screaming and shouting for their lives, but she was calm. She felt that peacefulness that she had craved for so long as she realised that her life had completely changed overnight. He had given her that longed for chance to escape. She took a breath and the scent of cold, damp earth filled her nostrils. Yes, she knew exactly where she was and she wasn’t afraid.

There was no urgency to get out of here. No claustrophobic feeling. She could breathe normally, did she still breathe? She closed her eyes in the blackness and relaxed, for the first time in years she felt completely at ease with herself and her life. But she hadn’t wanted this! Why would anyone want this? A lifetime of darkness, a life of solitude, a life where she would have to alienate herself from her friends and family, everyone who meant anything to her. A pang of sadness ripped through her body and she sobbed, no, she had not wanted this!

She had wanted a day off, that’s all. Maybe a holiday, but no longer than that. She would have been happy to go back to it all once she felt rested. Back to the daily grind of non stop phone calls, demands from customers, the feeling of exhaustion that followed her wherever she went, the weight on her shoulders that she carried everywhere. The complaints from friends and family that she was always too busy for them. Could they not manage without her? It wasn’t as if they had ever been close anyway.

She reached out again and began to claw at the wood above her. Pushing her fingers through the gaps and tearing at it until it came away. Soil began to fall through the gaps onto her skin. She worked faster, a sudden urgency taking over her. She had to get out of here and confront him. The wood was coming away easier, she liked this new strength and moved faster still in the gloom. Then the earth was falling down around her and she had to dig. She dug and scraped and pulled until she felt a rush of air coming down across her face. Her hand broke through the dirt and she hauled herself up out of the ground and blinked, trying to focus on her surroundings.

“You took your time.” He smiled at her as he perched on the edge of a nearby headstone.

She looked up and realised in that spilt second that not only had she had known what he was but that this was exactly what she had wanted from the moment she met him. She had invited him into her life to change it for her. No longer did she have to suffer the monotony of her life before this. A life she had constantly dreamed of escaping, leaving it all behind and never looking back. It was gone, all gone and she couldn’t be happier to see the back of that miserable existence.

“I had a lot to think about.” She said.

“We all have a few demons to rid ourselves of in the beginning.” He stood up, “Hungry?”

“Starving!” She nodded and brushed the dirt off her clothes with her hands.

“Let me introduce you to your new life.” He flung his arms out wide and whirled round in a circle, “I have a feeling you are going to fit in perfectly.”
She looked around with new, sharper vision and smiled. The night had never looked so bright.

19th February 2014
London, England


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