All change…again

February 9th; a quick update…

The hubster has now received an extension of service, our new discharge date is 21st September (and breathe…)  and we WILL be leaving Germany and moving back to the UK via the army. We’re aiming to be back there by the end of March if everything falls into place with removals and being allocated a married quarter.  Although, as ever, this is the army and we don’t hold our breath.

Things really have been changing on an hour to hour basis lately and it has been stressful to say the least! I have, on several occasions, had to stop myself from crawling into a corner and starting to rock! We have been assigned to a PRU (the unit that assists wounded and sick soldiers in either getting back to work or going through the discharge process). This should have been done 54 days after the Hubster’s injury happened, we are now almost three years down the line. We have been failed royally by the unit we were with but now things are moving in the right direction and it finally feels as though someone is working for us. Well, it’s about bloody time!

Since being assigned to the PRU, we’ve been advised to spend some time back in the UK rather than going straight to Spain, in order to complete the compensation process. As we can’t begin that until after the discharge and it would prove difficult to do from Spain. So after a lot of talking and soul searching and a fair bit of foot stamping from us both, we have reluctantly decided it would be for the best.

We’ve also decided that I will update my childcare qualifications, with a view to going onto early years teaching, giving me more scope for employment in Spain. A teaching qualification opens up many more possibilities than TEFL and a nursery nursing qualification, so it makes sense. We still intend to buy in Spain as soon as we can and if our beloved pink house is still on the market come September we will be going for it!

We may end up spending anywhere from a year to four years in the UK and although it’s not our original plan and, to be honest the whole idea fills me with dread (my worst fear is for us to get “stuck” there trying to make ends meet and not be able to get to Spain) it’s one that we feel will benefit us more in the long run.

So, there you have it. Things may or may not change again, who knows? Life on the edge and all that. But, dare I say it, I think anything else now will be minor adjustments. Life remains uncertain, but at least we have been able to make a few definite plans- something we’ve not had the luxury of for a very long time.



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