St Nikolaus Tag- A German tradition


Advent is upon us so I thought I would share a German tradition that we have come to enjoy during our time here.

December 6th in Germany is St Nikolaus day. On the evening of December 5th children must clean their shoes and leave them outside their door. During the night, St. Nikolaus, the patron saint of children, hops from house to house checking all the children’s shoes. If they have been good, he fills the shoe or boot with delicious Christmas treats- mini chocolate Santas, leibkuchen, fruit, nuts, sweets and other yummy goodies. If they have not been good, their shoe is filled with twigs.

st nik

The shoes must be sparkling clean, this is very important, or the treats won’t taste very good!




3 thoughts on “St Nikolaus Tag- A German tradition

  1. I’ve got a series on my blog at the moment of Christmas traditions from around the world and I think the people who read it would be interested in reading this post of yours.too. I’m just about to hit the reblog button….


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