It’s been a while since I had  updates to give on the Hubster’s medical discharge from the army. After his discharge was confirmed we were pretty much told to go home and wait for a date, as we were not entitled to a move back to the UK. We were then left to our own devices. This was now over four months ago and the situation has been frustrating to say the least and I for one have completely lost faith in the regiment in terms of providing support for its families. Which in the army is not a good feeling at all.

So I got back from the school run from hell this morning to find the Hubster has had a phonecall from the powers that be…

Finally, it seems the regiment have pulled their fingers out and decided to deal with us properly. We WILL now be moved back to the UK as they have discovered that we cannot be discharged from Germany- something that we have only been trying to tell them ourselves for how long??? When it will be and where we’ll be moved to is not clear as yet and we still have no discharge date so we don’t know how long we have left!

Once again though, our plans are having to change at the drop of a hat. Since we were told we would not be moving back to the UK we had begun making plans to move straight to Spain from Germany. Obviously now this will not be the case. But on the positive side, it does mean I could have time to finally get my driving licence in the UK. And maybe get some teaching time under my belt and update my qualifications to enable me to get a better position when we do get to Spain. Plus there is the all important Grandparent time for the Dandelions that we wanted for them.

So, although the army has once again thrown our lives up in the air and left them scattered all over the place, it’s still, in a roundabout way, progress and there are always going to be negative and positive sides.

My faith in them has not yet been completely restored, but it’s a start.


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