The Land of Make Believe.

There we were, sitting in traffic on the way back from a  fun-filled pyjama wearing, face painting, biscuit decorating kind of morning for Children in Need at Tink’s school and the sirens started.

Now in Germany police sirens sound exactly like those you hear in a certain Bourne film. You simply cannot hear them without thinking of that movie and I am assured I’m not the only one who scans the surrounding buildings for signs of a master assassin making his escape upon hearing them.

Today I was immediately transported to a world of adrenaline rushes and excitement as in my head I became a character in said Bourne movie…

I am hiding out in the passenger seat of the car  with my head down to avoid flying bullets, while Jason Bourne (who in my head is more Mark Wahlberg than Matt Damon, but that’s just a technicality) expertly weaves the stolen sports car in and out of the traffic. Suddenly he hands me a gun and says “Start shooting!”. I immediately wind down the window, point the gun at the police car next to us and take out both tyres on that side (did I mention I am obviously a fantastic shot?). Jason carries on driving at break neck speed to get us out of the city and away from danger as quickly as possible, so we can figure out our next move…

Meanwhile, the Hubster fiddled with the buttons on the stereo and on came “Land of make believe” by Bucks Fizz and before I knew it he was singing along (badly) “run for the sun little one…” I looked at him accusingly, realising he had no idea he had interrupted my daydreaming, but with the intention of punishing him for it anyway. He looked over at me, smiled, winked and said “Fantastic voice eh? Take That said I was too talented for them!” I nodded, “But Bucks Fizz, I’m certain, would have welcomed you with open arms if you hadn’t only been 4 when the song came out!”

For anyone too young to remember, this is Bucks Fizz…



Although I prefer my Bucks Fizz to look more like this…



Anyway-  Bam! There it was…

It hit me with the force of a ten tonne truck, with no breaks hurtling down a very steep hill, that despite him being 3 years younger than me, I married a relic from the eighties!  And Jason Bourne is not going to whisk me away from it all any time soon. Oh well, the sexy sidekick ends up dead in the sequel anyway.



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