I make no secret of how proud I am of our armed forces, especially my own soldier and the sacrifices he has made for his country. I am proud of our Dandelions and their unique ability to adapt to this unsettled life we have. I am proud of us as a family, to be able to keep going and make the best of the situations that have been thrown our way over the years. I am proud of my friends and their soldiers and their families for being able to do it too. And a certain vanity in me makes me proud of myself, that I have been able to cope with over twelve years of an army wife’s life without falling apart completely- no matter how hard it got and how easy it would have been to run away.

When I pinned my poppy to my jacket this weekend a wave of sadness washed over me as the realisation hit that this was the last remembrance service I would attend as an army wife. By this time next year, we will be living in civvy street, just like any other family you see in day to day life. The normality of it actually terrifies me!

I know however, that sense of pride will never leave me. Our accomplishments can never be taken from us. My husband will always have served his country and our children and I have served alongside him in our own way. And wherever life takes us from here we will continue to draw from those experiences, because if there is one thing that army life has taught us, it’s how to survive.

So next year, on 11th November, I will wear my poppy with pride once again knowing that I am married to a veteran.


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