Dear Monday…


MondayDear Monday,

Ordinarily, you would not phase me. Granted, you are not my favourite day of the week, but I can usually just about bear your presence.
However, today we need a word! Two 5.45am starts in a row from my normally wonderful, sleepy baby who always lies in, is seriously underhand of you.
This is a one off, do you hear me? I will not take this kind of sabotage lying down (actually I’d like nothing better than to lie down, in a dark room all by myself, with scented candles and soothing music, but I am not blessed with that luxury. Particularly on a Monday when the delights of the supermarket beckon). Anyway, it’s not on!



Be warned, if you attempt to turn me into a “completely disorganised, badly accessorized, not so yummy mummy more coffee guzzling zombie who can’t string a sentence together having a bad hair day” again I will send in the heavies!




You have not heard the last of this Monday. You will not take me down!

Sincerely, Me


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