Who stole summer?

There are conkers on the trees! Conkers I tell you! Who put them there? That’s what I’d like to know! I certainly did not order them yet! What happened? Who messed up? It’s not November you know!


I’ll tell you what happened, someone stole summer! No notice that it was coming to an end, no gradual fall in temperature, no odd cloudy day thrown in here and there to let you know what’s on the way. Nope! It was just snatched away with no warning, straight into dull mornings, darker nights, needing a coat to walk the dog, taking an umbrella everywhere and eating indoors.

Was it The Grinch? I know he got over the whole stealing Christmas thing, so I’m thinking he needs a project now?


Seriously, how can you expect me to go straight from long, lazy evenings on the balcony with an ice cold jug glass of Pimms whilst watching the sun go down, to making homemade vegetable soup and using the tumble drier without any kind of advance warning? Are you kidding me? It doesn’t work that way, you can’t just change things overnight. There have to be warnings surely, an announcement at least. A vote, yes, a vote…all those ready for autumn say “I” and I most certainly did not cast my vote!

There was no chance of sitting on the balcony with my cuppa and being nosey watching the rest of the world come to life this morning because, as I opened the shutters I was greeted by clouds, wind and rain. Not the glorious clear blue skies and sunshine we’ve had all week. Instead I, rather miserably, retreated back into the bedroom and resigned myself to Sunday mornings spent under the duvet watching Sunday Brunch once more!

It’s the first Sunday after the great back to school crisis and I have spent it in the kitchen preparing a roast, baking for the week ahead and sorting the uniforms for school instead of preparing a salad, eating ice cream and not giving the school uniforms a second thought.

I am loath to say it but, it seems autumn has arrived! Our last summer in Germany is over and I am not in the least bit happy about it. I was hoping the Indian summer type weather we’ve had would continue a while longer, but no such luck!

As much as I (usually) love the approach of autumn and the nights drawing in, snuggling up with a hot chocolate (with a large glug little splash of brandy) in my pj’s, getting my massive collection of scarves out, cooking dinner in the slow cooker, preparing for Halloween and buying new winter boots, this year I don’t want to let go of summer. Maybe it’s because we waited so long for it to begin in the first place and maybe it’s because I know how long winter lasts in Germany!

fall leaves

Well, whoever has taken my summer can bloomin’ well just give it back! I’m quite simply not ready for this yet! Give me back my Pimms summer!



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6 thoughts on “Who stole summer?

  1. I’m with you – it’s very rude of autumn to just barge in like that. I haven’t even had time to change the summer duvet for the warmer one and the barbecue’s now full of rainwater. Plus I’m just not in the mood for boots; flip flops work equally well in the rain!


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