A feeling of peace.
A feeling of calm.
 The ability to stop!
Think. Relax. Take stock. Recuperate. Recover. Rest. Let your mind wander. Get away from it all. To ponder. Roam freely. Be at ease. Look around you. Take notice. Enjoy.
 A long ago forgotten pastime, an alien concept.
 A rarity in an ever moving, forever busy, always noisy, constantly switched on world.
Turn it all off!
What can you hear?
Leaves floating on water. Feathers falling from the sky. A child peacefully sleeping. A bird soaring through the clouds.
Make the most of it.
A moment to treasure.



This is my addition to this weeks 100 word challenge. This week’s prompt is “silence” although the word itself may not be used.

Here is the link to Julia’s place if you feel like joining in…


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