False start…

back to schoo


So here it is, the obligatory “back to school” post that us Mummy bloggers just can’t help ourselves from writing.

My Facebook timeline is practically bulging with pictures of cute little people in their over sized school uniforms (they’ll grow into them right?) and captions from Mummys who can’t bear to see them go out the door.

I could join in and  gush all the usual “I’m going to miss them” stuff that’s expected, go on about how they are growing up so quickly and I can’t believe DinoBoy is in year three and Miss Tinks is beginning her second year of FS1 and turning 4 in a few days and how I can’t stand the thought that in just a few short months Zoom will be joining Tinks in FS1 (actually that last part is true, but he’s my baby so I’ll allow myself that one)…but I won’t!

Who knows, maybe if we had begun the school year without DinoBoy getting a temperature that miraculously disappeared as soon as the Hubster left to take Tinks to school. And maybe if Tinks hadn’t spent 30 minutes eating her porridge with the 2.5ml end of a medicine spoon before deciding she actually wanted toast for breakfast and spending another 20 minutes nibbling at it like a mouse before finally deciding she was full and ready to get dressed. And maybe if DinoBoy and Zoom weren’t currently giving it their best attempts to completely trash the place and send me running into the distance tearing my hair out, I would be joining in with the “I miss them” brigade!

The reality is it’s 11.21 am and THIS is the kind of back to school shopping I want to do…

back to school bacardi

So, it’s been a bit of a false start to the new term for us. I am certain there is nothing much wrong with DinoBoy so, unless he seriously (and I’m talking hospital visits here) deteriorates overnight he will be getting on that school bus tomorrow! And I will be putting on the kettle and celebrating with a cuppa (and maybe a little slice of cake- but only because it will be too early for a G&T) whilst jumping for joy that when I do the housework the place will remain tidy…well, for a few hours, at least, maybe?








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