Ever feel like you’re being shit on from a great height?

kick grass over it


We returned from our latest trip to Spain for househunting feeling excited and somewhat relaxed about the whole situation. A feeling of “we know we can do this” overcame us whilst we were there this time. Maybe something to do with the fact that we are almost certain we’ve found THE house!

However, as is always the way with them, the army had different ideas when we got home. Yesterday we were told that the anticipated move back to the UK from Germany would no longer happen. They will be discharging us from here. A final move (to the UK only) will be paid for, but into our own home and not a married quarter.

Obviously this news changes things for us, we had no intention of staying more than a few months in England, let alone finding anywhere of our own to live. So, we now have much talking to do about what will be the beat way forward from here. Straight to Spain or not? It may mean myself and the Dandelions moving over a few months before the Hubster is discharged whilst he stays in Germany to hand back the quarter here and do all the necessary paperwork etc.

Although, there is information out there relating to the medical discharge process that states we are entitled to a move back to the UK, so we’ll be looking into this in more depth too.

We still have until around April until the Hubster is discharged, so there is time for us to work everything out, it would just be nice for once to be able to make a definite plan!

Once again, we’re in limbo and in typical army fashion, nobody seems to be able to give us a straight answer, frustrated? Absolutely! Time to kick grass over this shit? Yep!


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