Summer of fun: Schweinemarkt

I began my summer of fun posts because we weren’t going to be going away this summer. But plans changed and we did, however I have decided to continue the summer of fun theme because we still have just over a week until school starts and there is a lot happening over here right now.


On the last weekend in August Brackwede, the next town from ours has a big three day festival every year called “Schweinemarkt” that takes place all over the centre of town. This is part of the build up to Oktoberfest and involves much merriment for the German community. We’ve been every year since we moved here. The first year we weren’t really sure what to expect, we saw posters all over the place advertising a “pig market” and decided to have a look. The hubster was hoping for an abundance of pig related meat products and was rather disappointed I think to find it was a fair, then he spotted the beer tent!


Scweinemarkt is a great day for all the family. There is such a lot to do. Stalls selling locally produced wares such as honey, homemade jams and cakes, handmade wooden toys, plants, the list is endless. Then of course you have the fair rides and street entertainers.



Rows and rows of iced “Lebkuchen” (gingerbread) can be found alongside chocolate covered fruit kebabs, toffee apples, candy floss and every sweet imaginable.




Or if you’re in need of something more substantial to soak up the German beer you can find Currywurst, bratwurst, pommes (chips), garlic mushrooms (these are a must!) and crepes with all kinds of delicious flavours!



The celebrations begin at 2pm on the last Friday of August and continue over the weekend. Each day begins at 2pm and continues well into the evening when you will find many live bands playing, more street entertainment and fireworks.

Well worth a visit if you are in the area or posted to Bielefeld while there is still time!


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6 thoughts on “Summer of fun: Schweinemarkt

  1. That looks brilliant! I never got to go to anything like that when I (momentarily) lived in Germany. But then we were touring East Germany in the early 90s…a lot of potholes and umleitungs I recall!


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