We’re all off to sunny Spain…

No, I am not about to waffle on about Brits abroad, white socks with sandals and bingo in Benidorm (although that’s now an idea filed away for another post). I am simply here to jump for joy as our summer plans have changed!

Much as I was happy enough to spend the summer here, we all know where I would prefer to be and…

…We are off to Spain on Monday for 2 weeks of house hunting! We thought we weren’t going to be able to go this summer due to the fact we’re waiting to move back to the UK. But we decided to go ahead anyway! Priorities and all that. We need to decide once and for all which area we want to settle in as we’re still torn between two places at the moment, both equally beautiful. And of course, we will look at some of the houses we’ve found online. The hubster also has a few job contacts lined up to speak to. So fingers crossed for a productive trip.

Obviously we’ll be making time for sun, sea, sangria and spending time with our lovely friends over there too.

If a move comes through while we’re away it will just mean a fast ball when we get back. Which we’ve done before and can do again, so I’m not concerned about that. It would be quite nice to get back and have a new address waiting for us actually. Then it can be full steam ahead on the discharge process and finally planning our future. But…this is the army and we learn early on, not to hold our breath!

So hopefully I can update with some good news in a few weeks. In the mean time, have a fantastic summer and think of me while I’m lying on this wonderful beach…



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