A moment of peace.



I have stolen a moment of peace and I am not ashamed to admit that I am using the TV as a babysitter! Mr Tumble is a legend it has to be said!

I normally enjoy my first cuppa of the day alone, sitting on the balcony, but since the summer hols began I’ve not had chance to do it every day and I feel this could be the reason for the “twitch” I seem to have developed in the mornings. So today I am taking back that time.

Summer leave is an odd time here. Although our married quarters are within the German community, the houses and flats are all grouped together and our balcony only overlooks other married quarters. So I normally sit here watching the rest of our little community come to life and go off on their daily business.

As summer first hits over here life begins to have a sort of holiday feel about it among the forces families. Friday afternoon comes and there are barbeques lit in every garden and the sound of music, children playing and adults laughing fills the air. It’s like a pre-summer kind of thing!

Then, the schools break up and leave begins! And everyone goes off on “The Calais Raleigh” (back to the UK for summer) on the first night of summer leave and they don’t reappear until as close to the end of their leave as they can manage. The sight of all these English cars driving to France to get on the ferry all at once is quite something. It always makes me think of the Cannonball Run movies.

Leave began last week for most, so as I sit here this morning, it’s like looking out over a ghost town. No cars, no children running around, nobody hanging out washing (a good thing, as anyone with a washing line makes me feel incredibly jealous since I only have a balcony), no dogs wandering around their gardens. The entire place is dead!

It’s almost like a village within a village. One that becomes completely silent and empty over the summer months. I have to say I’m finding it rather peaceful and calming.

I wonder if the German people living here notice a difference at all?




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