Summer of fun!

We are at the beginning of our last summer in Germany here at the Dandelion patch and I really want to make the most of it.

Since we won’t be able to go to Spain this summer as we usually do, due to the fact we could be told we’re moving (back to the UK)  at any time, we have decided to spend the summer doing the things we have loved most while we’ve been here, as well as a few we’ve said we’d do but never got around to.

And, since the hubster is now on permanent leave until his discharge we are able to spend the entire summer as a family, a rarity for forces families.

Another aim is for it to cost as little as possible! Which means making the most of the beautiful countryside and woodland that surrounds us. A lot happens in the summer in Germany, festivals pop up where you least expect it and preparations for Oktoberfest are beginning -yes, this early! So we shouldn’t be short of things to do.

Our first few days went a bit like this…

The Dandelions and I usually wander into the woods on a daily basis at some point and it has to be said, they have the most fantastic adventures in there. Last week we discovered a new path and came across a field that had been mowed, they had a fantastic time playing with the bales of cut grass and climbing on the tree stumps.








And of course a hike through the woods isn’t done right unless a game of pooh sticks is involved…





Yesterday Sparrenburg Castle in Bielefeld had the annual “Sparrenburgfest”. This is a grand medieval festival with knights and jousting, princesses, flagons of ale, jesters, stocks and fabulous food galore.  The Dandelions loved all the costumes and characters. They ran around the castle grounds screeching with delight and excitement at all the sights.

If you are ever near Bielefeld at the end of July, I highly recommend a visit to Sparrenburgfest.









Although I was a little disappointed at first that we won’t be spending the summer in Spain (I will admit to a small amount of sulking and foot stamping), I am now quite content to spend the summer here in the beautiful country we have been lucky enough to call home for the last five years. This place has given us some very happy memories and we have time to make a few more before we begin the next chapter in our lives.

How is your summer so far?



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