This Life

This life


A new recruit to this life, no idea what’s in store

Because duty comes first, I was left wanting more

Not wishing to be alone, a million miles apart

I accepted it for the man who had taken my heart



The rules I learned fast as all newbies do

to move from place to place, begin again from new

To adapt and take charge, to cope on my own

I came to see how to make everywhere my home



I embraced my new role, became strong overnight

lived life on my own, but never gave up the fight

The road wasn’t easy, each turn faced with such fears

The days became weeks, the months turned into years



And now here I sit our time served, none left to do

another door opening, we prepare to walk through

The security net I came to love about to let us drop through

Uncertainty has been renewed, but there’s excitement too



No more waiting by the phone to hear that he’s safe

my husband here with me in his rightful place

The children will always have their Daddy here to see

A family, at last, we can finally be…


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