Happy Days in May

Saturday was spent at a regimental bbq for the families on camp. There was so much fun for the minis and of course great food and company. Everyone came home tired and happy, despite the rain showers!

On Sunday we decided we’d rather not become drowned rats so abandoned plans for a trip into town. Instead we spent a family day at home just pottering around, doing stuff that needed to be done and laughing together.

Monday; first day of half term! Hubster had today off so that made the usual hellish first day of half term much easier. After a rainy day we finally saw the sun and had a lovely evening walk around the lake in the woods.

On Tuesday the hubster was back in work so the minis and I spent the day with friends making the most of the surprise appearance by the sun; we played in the woods and fed the ducks. I love getting them outside in the fresh air, something we’ve not been able to do much this year because the weather has been awful!

Wednesday; A very wet trip to the safari park took me back to my more adventurous self when a friend and I decided to have a go on the roller coaster- cue much screaming and cackling laughter. According to DinoBoy we sounded like a couple of witches! šŸ™‚


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