Happy Days in May; Monday 20th

So, a month before showing good soldiers the door, they start the advertising campaign for 10,000 new recruits…oh and the ‘reserves’ are under numbers aswell. Despite the fact that civvy employers are being offered financial incentives to hold open jobs whilst they go on tour.

Shame a redundant squaddie couldn’t have the job! :/


Now although that sounded suspiciously like a rant, (maybe it was, just a little bit) it was (also) infact a very clear reminder that we will be away from the not so good side of this life soon and today, this makes me happy.

When things like this happen, it makes me wonder why anyone would want to remain in an organisation that blatantly doesn’t give a damn about any of the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday.

So that, in a round about way, is my reason to be happy today!

What made you happy today?


One thought on “Happy Days in May; Monday 20th

  1. I won’t pretend to understand why the Army does or does not do something, so I’ll answer your question instead 🙂
    What made me happy today: I finished work early and got to pick my daughter up from school (she’s in 3rd grade) On the way out I spotted an ice cream truck and decided we BOTH needed cones with sprinkles that very moment! As we walked down the city street happily eating them before the heat melted them, we drew smiles from people walking towards us.


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