Happy days in May


Happy days in May is something I came across last year on a friend’s blog. She took on the challenge of writing a couple of sentences at the end of each day throughout May about why she had felt happy that day.

I decided to join in and found it quite therapeutic so I’m going to do it again this year. Here are my first few days…

Wednesday 1st May

Today was my beautiful friend’s birthday, we have shared laughter and tears in the year since we met and will have many more such times to come I’m sure. We spent a lovely morning at the ice cream parlour with the minis.

Thursday 2nd May

A morning spent in town for a spot of retail therapy and feeding the ducks this afternoon. Spring is here and I am loving it!

Friday 3rd May

Spent a lazy morning at home with Zoom. It’s nice to have time for just me and my baby.

Saturday 4th May

Today we all went into Bielefeld for a car show and a delicious lunch. Then an evening with good friends, wine and food- appreciating the small things.

Sunday 5th May

A lie in, tea in bed, breakfast and dinner cooked by the hubster, sun shining; a girl could get used to this. Lazy, family Sunday!




Comments make me happy! :)

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