Just incase you find yourself living in Germany…

Stuff I’ve noticed about life in Germany…

*Teabags- German shops DO do “English” type tea bags- it’s called English breakfast tea or schwarzer tee. They aren’t as strong, have a slight aftertaste and you have to leave them in the water for at least 20 minutes to get any kind of taste that resembles what we know to be tea, but if you are desperate (and can’t get to the Naafi) they will suffice.

*All crisps in Germany are either paprika flavour or peanut flavour (I kid you not!).


*Remember your Green Cross Code at all times, esp at crossings- DO NOT assume the cars will stop just because you see the green man telling you it’s safe to cross, the green light is also on for them and they will go whether you are in the middle of the road or not!

*There is no such thing as white bread in Germany- well, they have bread that they claim is white, but most of it has a brownish tinge to it and the stuff that doesn’t tastes like cardboard. Don’t be put off though, proper German bread is actually very nice.

*Lamb cannot be found anywhere- especially not in the fields!

*Cabbage comes in one size- enormous!

*German people will talk to your children- they will randomly come over and tell you that you have beautiful children, attempt to make conversation with your children and regal you with anecdotes about their own children. It’s not weird, it’s just German!

*Dogs are welcome everywhere- and I do mean everywhere. Many shops leave out bowls of water and biscuits for dogs who like to buy stuff. These bowls can also be found at tourist attractions for dogs who like to see the sights, theme parks for adrenaline junkie dogs, museums for the cultured dog and pretty much anywhere else you can think of…


*German people will not hold a door open for the person behind them- it’s not rude, it’s just German!

*You will not find a German shop open on a Sunday.

*An English winter coat will not cut it for a German winter. You DO need ski clothing, balaclava, snow boots and several layers of thermal underwear.

*Do expect snow from October to March and think yourself lucky if it doesn’t happen.

*A note about leaving the house during a German winter; when venturing outside, look out the window, decide how cold it looks then multiply by about a million and you still won’t even be close!

*Germany knows how to deal with snow. You will not be given a snow day in Germany and if you take one of your own you will be mocked for being weak!

*German people like to walk with ski poles, whether there is snow on the ground or not. Nobody knows why, it just is.

*German people may sound as though they are constantly shouting and arguing with eachother. Don’t be scared, they are actually just passing the time of day and are really very pleasant, happy people.

ich leibe dich

*German strawberries are the best in the world- fact!

*Pork is the meat of choice and you will often find little else in the shops.

*A German breakfast is an experience not to be missed.

*Germans don’t do pain relief- at all! (Believe me, I speak from experience as a person who has given birth here twice).

*Oktoberfest celebrations can be found all year round! 🙂



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