Cleaning the cherry chapstick off the bath.


Is it just mine, or do all children have a built in sixth sense kind of thing going on that automatically draws them to “things that need to be messed with” on days when Mummy has so much to do?

I have DinoBoy off school ill (and am currently considering giving him a bell as I seem to have been “promoted” to personal slave). I have a pile of washing to get through (I have set the deadline of Thursday but do not expect to meet it). I have a mountain of ironing to conquer (deadline also set for Thursday…). I have to start sorting and packing for our Easter trip back to the UK. I have naan bread to make (I’m not just randomly making naan bread you understand, we are having curry for dinner). And I have to make some sort of dent in my TEFL course today before I run out of time!

And so far this morning Tinks and Zoom have emptied all the wipes out onto the bathroom floor- twice, trashed their beds, emptied the toy box in the living room and played with nothing, squashed a cherry chapstick all over the bath (and no I never kissed a girl who was wearing it, I just like it), crumbled croissants in the dog’s bed (not that he was complaining- it’s food!) and they are currently running around naked (which, admittedly, is completely normal for them)!

Why did I have children? Oh yes, that’s right, for the sleepless nights, the constant whining, the messy home, the ever present pile of washing, the un-conquerable mountain of ironing and of course, I enjoy cleaning cherry chapstick off the bath on a daily basis.

And there was me thinking I could make the most of an unexpected day at home and get on top of it all…one of those days it is then!

And I do expect you all to now join me in humming that song, altogether now…”I kissed a girl and I liked iiit…”


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