Stay of execution…

It’s update time again…

The Hubster recently returned from yet another three week course of re-hab for a back injury he sustained in Afghanistan almost two years ago.

Medical discharge and an uncertain future have been hanging over us for a considerable amount of time now. Not an ideal situation with three children to think about. So we find ourselves at the beginning of another wait…however this time we know that the outcome will certainly be his full medical discharge from the army.

The powers that be will not discharge him at present as he is unemployable in civvi street due to the nature of his injury. So they are going to try changing his treatment in an attempt to give him back some level of fitness before being discharged.

It has been made clear that he will never regain his full fitness potential, something he is struggling to come to terms with. But hopefully this new treatment will give him something back. So he will begin having a course of injections into his back to relieve the pain. hopefully this will mean he will be able to complete some form of re-hab and physio to better prepare him for civilian life. However, this injection doesn’t always work for everyone and it is by no means a permanent solution. There is no permanent solution, the fact remains that he will be in pain for the rest of his life!

So while there is still some element of uncertainty regarding his future health, we at least can now be certain of one thing- our life as a forces family is coming to an end. And yes, I do say that with an awful lot of sadness . There are many down sides to this life, but many more upsides that make it all worthwhile. It won’t be an easy adjustment to make for any of us. You do live in a bubble, particularly when posted overseas.

We now have to make good use of the time we have left and the resources available to us to prepare ourselves as much as we can for life outside that bubble!


2 thoughts on “Stay of execution…

  1. you are a strong lady and a strong family, i know whatever life throws your way you will deal with it, good luck love you lots emmysbub xxx


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