Waffles don’t wear seatbelts! Monday Club


Have you ever stopped while talking to your children and thought “Did I really just say that?” If your minis are anything like mine they possess an ability to make you utter complete nonsense as part of everyday conversation; as if it’s completely normal to talk about why squirrels don’t drive tractors or how a person might decide to leave their loaf of bread in the middle of the road (true story!).
Here are a few of the things I have caught myself saying recently;
Get that ham off the window.
I don’t think waffles wear seatbelts.
That is not a giant, walking mushroom, it’s a lady with a big white umbrella.
Even if there was a bear, it doesn’t have a key so it can’t get in!
And what would you like with your bee for lunch?
Please don’t feed your dinner to the triceratops.
Please don’t feed your triceratops to the dog!
No, a bird didn’t wee on you darling, that’s rain!

So next time you catch yourself talking nonsense, don’t despair, you are not alone. This is a unique language among Mothers. One that only we understand and can translate. I’m willing to bet every Mum that reads this can look at these words and say “Yes, I know what that means!” And if we met in the street and I said to you “The bread is in the middle of the road.” You wouldn’t hesitate to reply with “Yes, the penguin put it there.”

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