Respect the mess?

 “Respect your child’s mess, children need mess in order to learn and thrive a messy floor can always be tidied and cleaned, a messy wall can always be painted and a messy child can always be bathed, what you can’t do is replace the learning they do whilst creating the mess, I’m proud of my messy home it proves I’m a normal mum with a happy child!!!”  – Author Unknown (If anyone knows where this quote came from please do let me know so I can credit them)


Really? Reeeaallly? Not me! It drives me up the bloody wall, across the ceiling and back down the other side! I will not be saying “ok well, you had fun, we’ll just paint over it.”  when one of them creates a work of art on the living room wall. 

Don’t get me wrong, my children are allowed to play and make mess. While they do this I mostly spend the time watching the clock, pacing the floor, chewing my knuckles and working out how little time I can get away with giving them until I holler “Right, let’s tidy up and do something less messy!”

So today, after coming across this quote I am conducting an experiment…I have given them the living room! (I feel faint at the thought of it!)

You see, they began making a den by dragging duvet’s and pillows from their rooms and as I was about to start shaking uncontrollably and muttering at them to keep it tidy, I realised they actually weren’t doing too much harm. So, I have taken refuge in the kitchen with much coffee and loud music to keep me sane and instructed them to “have fun”.

I am feeling surprisingly calm right now…aside from the knot in my stomach and the feeling that my head may explode at any second. I anticipate that they will eventually fall out and start screaming at eachother then I can rush in and tidy up. Until then I am happy to sit here and convince myself that I am being a fantastic mother by letting them explore their imaginations…is it too early to open the wine???



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