Tick Tock…

So here we are again at the beginning of another three week wait to (hopefully this time) discover what our future holds…only this time we already know that the discharge process has begun. Sometime this year, unless Headley Court turn up a miracle, we will be hitting civvi street! The hubster’s injury cannot be fixed, so he can no longer be a soldier. It’s now just a matter of when and how it will happen.

We were given the news last week that the discharge process had begun and even though we had been expecting it, it came as a shock. Now, after a week or so to process it, we have been trying to think practically and not let our emotions get in the way. We aren’t sure how quickly it will go through, so will spend the next few weeks and months to try to prepare as much as possible.

It isn’t yet clear whether or not we will receive a posting back to the UK for the last few months, so we can’t do too much planning with regards to that as yet. And of course our long term plan is to move to Spain, which is something we can and have been thinking about. We’ll hopefully get the opportunity to spend some time in Spain later in the year as there are a few more houses and business ventures we want to investigate before we make a final decision on exactly where we want to settle. We decided on Valencia a long time ago, it’s just which part that we’re not sure on yet as we love so many places there. We truly are spoilt for choice.

So there it is, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel, it’s just still a bit blurred for now. Let the waiting begin again…



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