The story of how I became a cold blooded killer.


 I feel I must confess to you that as of this morning I am the cold blooded killer of a small creature that was in need of my help! As I walked the dog this morning, there on the ground in front of me I spied a toad- a big, fat, slimy toad of the toadiest variety, lolloping across the road.

I stopped to show Tinks and Zoom said toad and realised that the creature was dragging a back leg behind him (I don’t know if it was infact a him, just a feeling I have). The toad looked straight at me (of this I am certain) and croaked- I am almost positive he was asking for help. Instead of picking him up and carrying him to safety I carried on with my walk, leaving him in the road.

This afternoon hubster came home early from work and suggested we go to the pub for dinner- of course I jumped at the chance of a cooking free Friday. We walked the same route to the pub as I went with the dog this morning and there, on the road, in exactly the same spot that I left him was Troy (at this point I feel he deserves a name)….flat as the flattest pancake you could possibly imagine!!! He is so flat, that I believe it must have taken several cars to have left him in such a state.

I am, of course, devastated and have earned myself the nickname toad killer from my wonderful children! 😦 


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