Christmas Eve Basket

I relish in the build up and excitement of Christmas so love to carry on old family traditions and have created a few new ones of my own. For the last three years I have made a Christmas Eve basket for the minis. It’s based on an idea I saw alot of people talking about on a parenting forum, only I have made it more about our family Christmas, rather than a basket full of treats.

Throughout December we have an invisible elf come to stay, he is here to watch over the minis and make sure they are being good. On Christmas Eve he leaves to report back to Father Christmas. As our elf leaves he rings the doorbell (usually around bathtime) and the minis race to open the front door. Where they find our Christmas Eve basket full of goodies from the elf.

Now, as I said it is more than just a basket of treats. There are new Christmas pyjamas, bubble bath, Snowman soups and Christmas cookies for everyone and usually a packet of candy canes for the Christmas tree. But the main contents of the basket are the things we use year after year; The minis stockings to hang, our Santa key, the special plate we use for Santa’s mince pie and a copy of “The Night Before Christmas” that we read every year on Christmas Eve. The minis delight as they pull out the items and recognise them year after year.

The minis are happy to have their bath, put on their new pjs and snuggle up with snowman soup and cookies to listen to the story. Then they hang their stockings, put the Santa Key on the front door handle and prepare Santa’s snack before going off to bed happy and full of wonder and anticipation to dream magical dreams.

Christmas for my brother and me as children was always made magical by our parents and I hope we are doing the same for our little ones. 🙂


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