Festive Friday! Snowman Soup – Teacher gifts

Teacher gifts, I have noticed, seem to get more competitive year after year. Last year, a teacher friend of mine received a very expensive bottle of champagne. Lovely for her, but she admitted she felt somewhat uncomfortable accepting it and felt it was slighty over the top. I have also heard stories of designer handbags, expensive perfume and the like.

For me, having worked in childcare and schools for many years, a gift or card that was handmade by the child means so much more. It’s more personal and thoughtful in my opinion.

I know many don’t do teacher gifts at all, but I like to send a little something, especially as DinoBoy has been lucky to have had fantastic teachers since starting school.

So this year we are making snowman soups!

Snowman soup is a very simple combination of hot chocolate powder, mini marshmallows or chocolates and a peppermint candy cane presented in a cellophane cone like this…

1snowman soup

And then attach this rhyme, or you can find other versions online;

snowman soup

I have, in the past, used Christmas themed mugs instead of cellophane cones, but DinoBoy has a few friends he’d like to give them to this year so we’re sticking to the cones.

Linking up to Festive Friday over at http://thinlyspread.co.uk/ 


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