Army Adventures or Spanish Dream part 2; A quick update

Hubster and DinoBoy strolling along the beach in Gandia.


Those who have followed the forces side of the blog will know that the hubster has recently returned from a three week intensive course of rehab on his back. So this is just a quick update as to what’s what for us now…

The outcome was, in a way, positive. He has to return to the UK in the New Year to do another course of rehab. This one will be more intensive and his injury needs to improve significantly this time in order for him to continue his career in the army.

If there is not enough improvement and it is deemed that he cannot reach the level of fitness needed then he will receive a full medical discharge from the army.

Happily for him, he has looked on this latest turn of events as a win win situation. Of course his greatest wish is to stay in the army, but if he is medically discharged then we will be relocating to Spain sooner than planned.

As for me, well, obviously I am happy that he is feeling positive about it, but I suppose I just wanted an end to it all one way or another. I feel it’s still hanging over us. So I have decided to do my best to forget about it for the time being and bury myself in Christmas plans. It will still be there in January and hopefully then we’ll be closer to being able to move on!

Until then, we wait…and enjoy the festive season! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Army Adventures or Spanish Dream part 2; A quick update

    • We should have a decision by the middle of February now, all being well. It has been dragged out since last May, so it really can’t come quick enough! 🙂
      We’re actually posted in Germany, so it could be our last Christmas here, which is a bit sad as Christmas is fantastic here.


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