Festive Friday- Grandparent gifts

Since we don’t live in the same country as our families, I like to have the minis make something for their Grandparents each year for Christmas. In the past we’ve exhausted calendars, picture frames, hand and footprint pictures and canvasses. So this year I had to get extra creative.

We spent half term making these…

Canvass Jute Bags

               You will need some plain jute bags, I got ours on Amazon, and fabric paints.

The minis made their handprints into a tulip shape. We decided to stay away from anything Christmassy as we want their Grandparents to be able to use the bags all year round.

So that’s the Nanas, Grandma and Great Nannys sorted!

Then DinoBoy came up with a problem….what about Grandad and Papa because “They don’t want girly handbags!”

So, we had a think and for their male Grandparents we have kept it simple and ordered photo key rings from Vistaprint. Since we thought maybe Papa and Grandad wouldn’t be too keen on walking around with a nice floral shopping bag!

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2 thoughts on “Festive Friday- Grandparent gifts

  1. I love this idea! We’ve done handprint everything over the years but never bags! My Mother in Law will love one of these printed by my Bonus Boy, thank you so much for linking up to Festive Friday, I hope you come back again! I’ve pinned this idea to my collaborative Festive Friday Pinterest board too, I hope that’s OK, shout if it’s not!


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