Half Term “Hell”

I went a bit AWOL from the blog last week with hubster being away and half term. I was still lurking, reading and tweeting, but didn’t post as we had such a busy week. I often joke about half term hell, but apart from a couple of meltdowns, we had a good week so I thought I’d share our halfterm with you.

I like to get out and about with the minis as much as possible. We don’t have a garden here so we spend a lot of time in the woods nearby. And because we have a dog that gives me the motivation to make sure we go out at least once a day, because he needs to be walked. The minis adore the woods, the possibilities of adventure in there are endless!

We can’t go a week without feeding the ducks and love our wanderings through the woods on the way to the lake. With the rain we’ve had recently, Tinks will always find a puddle to jump in!

And we always manage to come home with a collection of acorns, conkers and pine cones. Zoom and I put this together with our stash;

Baking is another of our favourite pastimes. Tinks and Zoom especially like to get involved in the kitchen. DinoBoy prefers the tasting side of cooking! Here are a couple of our half term creations;

We make lots of bread in this house and we’re particularly proud of this plaited loaf. We also made a Hallowe’en pumpkin cake, complete with (broken) web and “Spoldge” the spider; courtesy of DinoBoy who actually joined us in the kitchen for this -I feel it was the presence of chocolate that did it!

Of course Hallowe’en also meant pumpkin carving!

Since we live in a different country to our families I like the minis to make Christmas presents for their Grandparents. Previous efforts have included calendars, bookmarks, salt dough Christmas decorations, footprints on canvass…This year we’ve made hand print jute bags with the handprints forming a flower pattern on the bag. Just a box of fabric paint and a bulk of bags off Amazon and we were all set…

We have also managed to pack in a Hallowe’en party, soft play, play dates, a couple of lazy dvd days and many Skype calls to Daddy who is still away for another week.

As much as I was ready for a break from routine, I welcomed Monday this week and I think DinoBoy did too- he was up and ready for school mega early this morning. We are all ready to get back into our regular weekly activities after a busy but fun half term!

So that was our half term, how was yours?

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