I realise it’s a somewhat strange notion that someone who writes an online blog should be a technophobe, but that is exactly what I am. The fact is, I love good old fashioned pen and paper! I love to send and receive hand written letters and only resort to technology when  I absolutley must!

But…this is it, no more hiding from it, no more denying that it exists, no more pretending I can do without…I have officially joined the ranks of Kindle owners! Albeit a rather reluctant one, I am a Kindle owner all the same.

The Hubster has dragged me kicking and screaming into the 21st century. He informed me last week that I had to clear out my books if I wanted to buy more as we just don’t have room for them. This, obviously, was the worst thing he could possibly have said to me and for a while there I wondered, after 11 years, if we could possibly have a future! He must have seen the look of sheer horror on my face and quickly backed it up with “We’ll have to get you a Kindle then!”

Now, at the time, to me this was equally as horrific! Are you insane? Give up those beautifully bound pages, that feeling you get when you turn back the front cover for the first time, the smell of a brand new book, that wonderful heaviness of a fantastically long book to immerse myself in for days? How could he possibly expect me to leave all that behind for a tiny, electronic device that stores thousands of books?

“Erm…how many books? Oh, well I’ll give it a try I suppose.” Was my still reluctant response. Thinking to myself it will be nowhere near as good as reading a real book, I know I’ll hate it, but if it really can hold that many books…well, it’s as close as I’m going to get to my own personal library this side of a lottery win.

So, it arrived! And for 24 hours I refused to touch it, claiming  I hadn’t had time to set it up, “I have three children to look after you know!”  It sat, in the box, on the kitchen side winking at me. “You know you want me!” it teased, “Give in, you’re desperate to open me!”. I continued to resist.

And then the Hubster came home and opened it for me, he set it up and even loaded my favourite book into it- sneakily knowing that I would not be able to resist that, since my copy is currently packed away in the cellar. So then it sat on the bed beside me, taunting me with the fact that it holds “Interview with the Vampire” and that I could be back in the world of Lestat DeLioncourt at the flick of a switch!

So, I have given in and surrendered myself to the power of Kindle…and the result, well yes, it’s okay. Oh who am I kidding, I love it! Admittedly it will never replace the feel of a book for me- some titles were just meant for paper, but I have resolved to emerge from the dark ages and embrace the Kindle.

Just don’t tell the Hubster he was right, okay?


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