The Silent Forces

I have been asked to write a column for my regiment’s magazine. I have been more or less told I can write about whatever I choose, but for my first month I thought I’d keep it forces related to appeal to the readers and hopefully identify with them a bit.

So I thought I would share my first piece here too. All feedback appreciated, I don’t bite, well, not very hard! 😉


The Silent Forces

With much of the regiment away at the moment I thought it was time we all took a moment to congratulate ourselves on our unique ability to carry on regardless.

The focus, when talking about forces life is almost always on those who have to leave their families behind and travel to foreign climes. How hard it must be for them to spend so much time away (doing the job they love).  Working such long hours and putting themselves in harm’s way.  Well, yes, they are wonderful and hard-working and brave and appreciated and all the rest of it, we didn’t marry them for nothing, but…

What about us?

Of course if our lives were really like those shown on ITV’s Homefront, we’d all be living around the corner from our parents, who we would use as on tap babysitters so we could sink the pink fizz, dance round our handbags, party the night away with Leroy and generally earn ourselves a bad reputation.

In reality …within the first twenty-four hours of our other half going away, everything that can go wrong will go wrong! The washing machine will stop spinning, the microwave will go bang and the kids will come down with some unheard of plague! Do we fall apart? Well, maybe for a day or so. Then we dry our eyes, “suck it up” and put it all back together. We call the washing machine repair man, who can’t come out for a week, but if our other halves can do three weeks in the field with no clean underwear, the least we can do is knock on next door and ask to do a load in their machine. We bin the microwave and order a shiny new one and let’s face it, we really do need the matching kettle and toaster. We discover a cure for the unheard of plague and pack the kids back off to school and slowly but surely we find life falling into some sort of routine…then the love of our life returns and it starts all over again.

So next time your other half heads off to strange lands, run a hot bubble bath, grab a glass of something indulgent, grasp full control of the TV remote and take pride in the knowledge that you are doing a fantastic job.

They don’t call us the Silent Forces for nothing y’know!



6 thoughts on “The Silent Forces

  1. Thanks for linking up!

    I agree with Suzanne; I have often thought how difficult it must be to essentially be a single parent but to have to deal with a loved one away and missing them. A great post – hope it went down well in the magazine!


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