My kitchen table

It’s funny how a comment from another person can make you look at something in a totally different light.

I have never really thought too deeply about my kitchen table, it’s just a second hand table that we have long been waiting to replace when the kids have outgrown the messy stage- just the same as the sofas.

That is until a good friend of ours said he loves it, because it is the epitomy of family life. I suddenly stopped and thought about it- we eat our meals around it, not just daily meals, but special ones like Christmas, birthdays and family meals. Hubster and I use it for “date night” each week when we enjoy a special meal together, just the two of us. The kids do their art activities around it, playdough, drawing, painting etc and Dinoboy does his homework there. We’ve written letters and blueys and filled out paperwork on it. It was the centre piece of house parties before the minnies were born. It has enabled us to entertain many friends and family over the years. It has seen many homecooked meals and equally as many takeaways. Fantastic meals and disasterous ones. Santa has had a fair few mince pies and glasses of sherry at our table. It’s seen laughter, tears and just about every emotion known to man. It’s heard many funny stories and a few embarrassing ones…and not just ours, but those of it’s previous owners too.

I’m sure, if my kitchen table could talk it could tell some damn good tales. It’s heard so many conversations- drunk and sober, serious and light hearted, deep and meaningfuls and disagreements and it could probably tell quite a few jokes.

The more I have thought about it, the more the table has kind of taken on it’s own personality. It’s like an old friend- you’ve been through so much together, seen the best and worst of your cooking, heard your stories, lived some of them with you. It’s abit rough around the edges and worn, but it’s dependable and will be part of our lives for many more years to come.

Our friend is, of course, absolutely spot on, our kitchen table just spells out FAMILY and I now absolutely love it and will be sad when it eventually does fall apart and have to be replaced.


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