Perfect Sundays or becoming middle aged?

Before we were posted to Germany, Sunday was just another day of the week. Same old, same old. In Germany, Sundays are intended as family days…you will not find a shop of any sort open. Sunday trading just isn’t a big part of German life, you do get the occasional Sunday shopping day in the run up to Christmas, but these are few and far between. You will however, find zoos, theme parks and other such attractions open on Sundays.

I have to admit, it took some getting used to when we first moved over here. We spent our first few weeks bored and wondering what on earth we were going to do every weekend. “It’s not like we can just go and have a wander round B&Q and buy stuff we don’t need.” we used to say. But as we settled into German life we came to appreciate and enjoy our family Sundays.

Now Sundays are about having fun together as a family, whether we venture out or stay at home. We use the better weather days to explore the country, visit the cities, wander the parks and woodland, visit the attractions, have weekends away in Holland and get out and about. On other days we stay home, bake with the minnies, have a roast dinner, walk the dog and spend time with friends.

When hubster has been away, I have done my best to keep to our family Sundays with the minnies. It’s hard, as   you just don’t feel like it when it’s just you and the kids, but I feel I owe it to them to carry on as normal.

Today has been one of those days, hubster left this morning for a few days. We’ve had a day at home. This morning we had a long walk through the woods and fed the ducks, then played football on the little field nearby. We spent the afternoon baking bread, butterscotch sponge for after dinner and flapjacks. We enjoyed a roast chicken dinner, then snuggled up on the sofa together to watch a film before bath time. DinoBoy has an inset day at school tomorrow otherwise our Sunday evenings usually include homework and preparing school uniform and bags too.

Now the minnies are all tucked up in bed, the chicken carcass is bubbling away on the hob for stock for tomorrow’s soup, the candles are lit and I am settling down to my usual first night alone routine -hot bubble bath, glass of red, complete control of the remote and a nice big bar of my favourite choccy!

It’s funny how your life ends up. Before I met the hubster, I thought Sundays were for sleeping off the hangover after another wild Saturday night out with the girls, in hope of recovering in time for round two that night! The idea of any of the above would have been my idea of hell! Now, to me this vision of domesticity is the ideal way to spend a Sunday, with the people I love most.

Have I suddenly become middle-aged? Maybe, but I am loving every minute. 🙂

I hope your Sunday has been as relaxing as mine.




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